New Date for Thunder Day 2020

Thunder Day 2020 is coming – but a little later than originally planned. We have decided to move Thunder Day to the 8th and 9th October 2020 due to current developments with the spread of Coronavirus (Covid-19).

The team did not reach this decision lightly as developments regarding the spread of coronavirus are difficult to grasp. Many companies have already responded in the previous weeks and, for example, limited the business trips of their employees; conferences, trade shows and sporting events are being cancelled. This shows just how critical the situation is.

“We have been busy with this matter for days and have tried to look at the developments as objectively as possible”, explains Kai Riecke, CTO of Burda Magazine Holding and organiser of Thunder Day. “As part of our decision we have considered the rather fraught enquiries from speakers, guests and sponsors as well as the first cancellations from participants.”

From the Thunder Team’s point of view this decision was ultimately unavoidable. Thunder Day is a networking and community event – it lives from the interaction, closeness and knowledge exchange between participants. “We like to bring experts from our sector together and find solutions together for the publishing industry of tomorrow. And that only works when those involved are completely immersed. Thunder Day is only fun and worthwhile under such circumstances”, says Kai.

It was important to the Thunder Team not to cancel Thunder Day 2020, they wanted to postpone it instead – and in doing so ease as much pressure on the participants as possible. We are assuming that the situation will be clearer by summer as there should be more insight into the virus and its spread by then. “We should all feel a little more certain by then, one way or another, and can adapt to the situation accordingly”, assures Kai.

The new dates:

When? 8th and 9th October 2020

Where? MACE, Beta Straße 10F, 85774 Unterföhring

We hope that participants and speakers are able to understand our decision and look forward to getting together this Autumn in a somewhat more relaxed atmosphere.

Hubert Burda Media presents Thunder Day 2020!

Join the conference on 8+9 October in Munich and become part of the Thunder community!


Learn from experts and visionaries sharing their success stories and insights


Find out about the latest developments and the future of Thunder


Meet fellow professionals from the media industry

Thunder is a Content Management System designed by Hubert Burda Media. Our experience from over ten years and more than 50 projects has resulted in the development of Thunder which is now our standard CMS for digital storytelling.

In 2016, Burda has taken the unusual step of releasing Thunder as an open-source software. By this, Burda established a culture of collaboration within the publishing industry the Thunder Day is an important format on this path. With the Thunder Day we want to promote the idea of sharing experiences and we invite everyone to participate.

You can look forward to success stories, exclusive insights and the opportunity to become part of our expert community and help to shape the future of Thunder and digital storytelling.

The Conference


8th and 9th October 2020

See the program


Beta Straße 10F
85774 Unterföhring

How to get there...

You are going to meet...

Media experts
Exchange ideas and let yourself be inspired by fellow Product Managers, Marketers and Content Creators.
Thunder Team
Thunder is more than the software, it's about the people behind it - get to know them.
Agencies and Vendors
Our trusted partners create the next digital experience to make your vision a reality.

A day with Thunder means...

Drive Innovation

Learn how to drive innovation when digital meets print and how to adapt new methods to your business.

Future of Thunder

We present technological changes and new features that enable content creators and marketers.

Know your audience

How to build segments and target your audience across various touch points to customize your user experience and drive monetization.

Contributing to Open-Source

It's not just code: What does contributing to open-source mean and how can you benefit from sharing your knowledge?

Reduce costs

Discover various to reduce Total Cost of Ownership and speed up your time to market.

Sustainable Web

Find out what the ecological footprint of your platform is and learn how to make it eco-friendly.

We are family

We take care that everyone can connect and exchange ideas with the right people.

Get involved

We value your opinion: with interactive elements in the sessions and by engaging with you in workshops.

Meet old and new friends

With plenty of seats, cozy lounges and lots of breaks, we give you plenty of space and time to interact with other participants.

Food and Party

We love both. Trust us.

Meet our Sponsors!

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Join us for Thunder Day on 8+9 October, 2020 at Munich’s MACE and experience tomorrow’s publishing first-hand.

Live our open source spirit, join our growing Thunder community and get in touch with publishers, agencies, and technology experts. Hurl yourself into our common quest to define the future of digital storytelling by participating in seminal workshops, inspiring discussions and groundbreaking panels. We look forward to a great day of exchange, learnings and a fulminating party on the evening of 8th October!

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